Enters the room, his stature worn and tired as he makes his slow way through the swinging doors. His eyes skim quickly through the tag, spotting the debauchery that is this forsaken place. His lips parting after a long pause, taking in all that there is to offer. “I’m gonna rub my butt on your butt so good.”


chris evans goes to every award show or premiere in a state of mild confusion and anxiety and he always ends up making this face



Introducing the new CW comedy lineup!

At 8 PM get ready for a new season of My Brother Satan!

Castiel isn’t expecting it when his long-lost brother Lucifer shows up at his front door, needing a place to stay.

Castiel is quiet, socially awkward, and likes to do the right thing.

Luce is charismatic, fun-loving, and likes to raise a little hell.

Apocalyptical hilarity ensues as the two brothers try to make their fledgling relationship and new living arrangements work!

Followed by the all new series So Get This!

When Sam loses his job, and his brother Dean breaks up with his long-time boyfriend, Sam decides it’s time for some life-changing drastic measures and tries to kill two birds with one stone!

He opens “Profound Bond,” a dating agency dedicated to helping you find your soul-mate! And when his first ever customer is the slightly odd but gorgeous Cas Novak, he thinks he may have just solved both his and Dean’s problems!

My Brother Satan and So Get This air back-to-back every Friday on the CW!

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you don’t even know how accurate this is


you don’t even know how accurate this is



If you ever want to win an argument just go “listen here you little shit”

Mom: You’re grounded

Me: Listen here you little shit

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